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The Network

The heart of our mission is to cultivate a living network of artists, emerging and established scholars, and creators around the generative potentials of nostalgia.

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Becoming a Member of the Network

Each year, our annually hosted symposium and research-creation showcase reviews and accepts works on nostalgia by individuals and groups across Quebec, wider North America, and internationally.

Upon acceptance and the presentation of their work, the nostalgic individual will automatically be inducted as a member of the NOSTAGAIN NETWORK!

Look out for our annual CfPs on our Events page.

Benefits of Being a Network Member

NOSTAGAIN Network members are guaranteed:

  • The opportunity to sit on our organizing committees for future official events, publication issues, and research-creation showcases of the network.

  • Abilities to propose and facilitate their own NOSTAGAIN NETWORK satellite event at their home institution or place of current stay, receiving support and promotion from the network wherever needed and possible.

  • Be invited to attend and participate in the NOSTAGAIN NETWORK yearly events – symposium, publication issues, interviews, local meetups

  • Be considered as a Keynote or nostalgia specialist for the network’s official events and in recommendation to other member’s calls for participation

  • The broadcasting of their projects, work, and research through our official communication platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, X, the website, mailing list)
An example of our network member’s work, Dr. Cristian Zaelzer, broadcasted through NOSTAGAIN NETWORK’s official channels.
Participants of the LOST/AGAIN 2023 Symposium
exchange thoughts about “The Third Place” as nostalgic virtual spaces.
Members Drs. Marc Lajeunesse and Andrei Zanescu hosting their podcast at Time in a Bottle 2024.

Our Partners and Collaborators


Canada (32)

NameAffiliationNostalgic InterestsEvent Joined
Rebecca AconeConcordia University, QCCollective storytelling, selfies, imaginationTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Christopher AndersonUniversity of British ColumbiaMachine-learning, LLM, Generative-MusicTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
M Shahrom AliConcordia University, QCLudosis, Self-determined learningFounding Member
M BethancourtConcordia University, QC“Notsalgia”, Making the ordinary weirdThe LOSTGAIN Symposium 2023
Dr. Morgan BimmSt. Francis Xavier University, NSiPod, indie, playlist, music, capitalismTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Poki ChanConcordia University, QCInteractive memories and player inputFounding Member
Rowena ChodkowskiConcordia University, QCStable Diffusions, Vaporwave cultureFounding Member
Esther ClarkeConcordia University, QCInfluence, robots, sculptingTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Lisa ConwayConcordia University, QCAlphorn, Swiss, identity, music compositionTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Alex CustodioConcordia University, QCGameboy, forgotten game console historiesThe LOSTGAIN Symposium 2023
Kelly DayConcordia University, QCPlay, trauma,
larger than life
Time in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Dr. Maxime Deslongchamps-GagnonUniversité de Montréal, QCComing of age, Virtue Ethics, Night in the WoodsTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Nathan FergusonConcordia University, QCThe Third SpaceThe LOSTGAIN Symposium 2023
Russell GendronArtist, QCStories, soundscapes, forestry workersTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Dany Guay-BélangerUniversité de Montréal, QCOral History and Video Games, Let’s PlaysThe LOSTGAIN Symposium 2023
Annie HarrissonConcordia University, QCNostalgia and Community PlayFounding Member
Owen HellumConcordia University, QCVideogame, acceptance, non-linear dialogueTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Dr. Pauline HoebanxConcordia University, QCHistory of the InternetThe LOSTGAIN Symposium 2023
Michael IantornoConcordia University, QCVideo Game Afterlife, Gameboys, SolarThe LOSTGAIN Symposium 2023
Guillaume JabbourConcordia University, QCIntergenerationality, research-creation, soundwalkingTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Kamyar KarimiConcordia University, QCCollective Storytelling, selfies, imaginationTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Jean KetterlingCarleton University, ONQueer Utopia, Pornography, PlayThe LOSTGAIN Symposium 2023
Dr. Marc LajeunesseConcordia University, QCOnline Games, Digital Culture, Player StudiesTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Aislinn LeggettConcordia University, QCMemory, food,
oral history
Time in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Nancy LongConcordia University, QCCandy, intergeneration, recipes, foodTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Leo MoralesConcordia University, QCMythology, Magic, Art creation, BlenderFounding Member
Dr. Katharina NiemeyerUniversité du Québec à Montréal, QCOld media, Politics of Nostalgia, Critical media PerspectivesThe LOSTGAIN Symposium 2023
Derek PasborgConcordia University, QCAffect, Nostalgia in Video GamesFounding Member
Elena RowanConcordia University, QCPersonal Archive, Digital MaterialsThe LOSTGAIN Symposium 2023
SwarmConcordia University, QCMedia archeology, Cosmology, Time Punk The LOSTGAIN Symposium 2023
Richy SrirachanikornConcordia University, QCUses of Nostalgia for understanding social pain and lonelinessFounding Member
Cristian ZaelzerMcGill UniversityNeuroscience of Creativity, Research-creationThe Spaces we Lost, and Nostalgia Recalled

United States (2)

NameAffiliationNostalgic InterestsEvent Joined
Dr. Nicolas D. BowmanSyracuse University, NYGame culture, personal & historical nostalgiaTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Anash CrokerColumbia University, NYIrish history, Queer, Indie Games, ErasureThe LOSTGAIN Symposium 2023

South America (1)

NameAffiliationNostalgic InterestsEvent Joined
Juan MiceliLa Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, ARGENTINAVHS, Worldly Materials, CeramicsThe LOSTGAIN Symposium 2023

Europe (3)

NameAffiliationNostalgic InterestEvent Joined
Dr. Diego A. Mejía-AlandiaUniversity of Seville, SpainPost-communist, post-apocalyptic, spaceTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Dr. Rainforest Scully-BlakerTampere University, FinlandWholesome games, radical softness, hegemonyTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024
Shashvat SinghUppsala University, SwedenVenba, Indian diaspora, Tamil cultureTime in a Bottle Symposium 2024


Coming soon…


Coming soon…


For requests to collaborate, have promoted your event, or become a network member outside of our symposium timeline, please write to:

projectlostagain [at] gmail [dot] com

and direct your message to:
Derek Pasborg – Communications
Richy Srirachanikorn – Outreach

Released: November 6th, 2023
Last updated: May 14th, 2024