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[TICKETS] Time in Bottle

EVENTBRITE: Tickets Here (25 seats)

ONLINE ZOOM: Tickets Here (Unlimited)

Is the event free?

Yes! Thanks to the Concordia Council on Student Life and the 4TH SPACE, we are able to host our symposium without charging any fees.

Will this event be recorded, or can I attend digitally?

Absolutely! The 4TH SPACE at Concordia University will livestream and publish the event on their YouTube channel. To attend LIVE, please register for the link here:

Are only students allowed to attend this event?

Nope, EVERYONE can attend this public event!

If I have something nostalgic to bring, can I present it at the Symposium?

Unfortunately, the symposium has already prepared a full-day schedule of speakers. During the Q&A sessions, audiences may share if a discussion occurs then. To submit work or art as a PRESENTER – please visit:

Will there be lunch provided?

Yes, but only for attendees who have (i) REGISTERED on Eventbrite and (ii) have SHOWN UP SINCE THE START of the event. Priority is given to presenters and attendees who have attended since the morning. Snacks and refreshments are provided to a general audience.





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